16:9 is an intercreative sound installation by daniel teige and martin rumori. Using a portable and easy to use interface, sounds can be mixed and freely spatialized on a speaker canvas of several square meters by painting with colors on a handheld touchscreen. Through the specially developed interface, the virtual painter is able to move freely infront of the canvas to interact with the acoustic painting in a tactile and playful way. 16:9 offers a projection screen for a user-generated audio painting.

64 independent speakers installed as a pattern in a large white field comprise the projection screen. Adapted to the architecture of the space, the speaker matrix is designed to be fixed on a wall like a painting. The array of speakers offers a precise placement and radiation of sound. Realistic depth effects as well as great freedom in sound positioning are easily attainable and the basis for the intercreative audio painting.

16:9 is sponsored by: Apogee, der Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur,Wolf and Elisabeth Teige, Dipl. Ing. Folkmar Hein, Thomas Seelig and Michael Hoeldke.
Special Thanks to: Catherine Mahoney, Dipl. Ing. Manfred Fox, Dipl. Ing Osswald Krienke from Digital Audio Service Berlin and Hanjo Scharfenberg / Gallery Rachel Haferkamp.


: sound installation

: concept - daniel teige martin rumori

: programming - martin rumori, gerhard eckel

: music - daniel teige

: weblinks

  1. www.rumori.de