:The g_control

Especially for the technical realization of the performance of iannis xenakis piece kraanerg a "non-acoustical" interface called “g_control” was developed by Martin Rumori and Daniel Teige. The “g_control” runs on a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500G handheld computer, which works under the free operating system Linux. The “g_control” is a piece of software implementing a graphical user interface (GUI) with the ability of sending and receiving messages over TCP/IP and OSC via wireless LAN. The GUI of the “m-g_control” provides a virtual and wireless mixer to control, mix and spatialize the 4-channel tape composition in real-time, a timeline and a control unit for a 9 channel video server named MCVP-Player. The video server that plays up to 12 channels video and 24 channels audio takes care of the synchronization between audio and video.

A second handheld, the “c-g_control” is used to visualize informationfor the conductor about cues and the actual position in time.