: sound installation

: artistic director, video - daniel kötter

: music director -           richard baker

: stage design -             paul zoller

: Choreography -             petra sabisch

: sound installation -       daniel teige

: weblinks

  1. http://www.enlightning.eu

  2. www.schachtel-berlin.de


January 21st 2006 would have been the 80th birthday of the Italian composer Franco Evangelisti (1926-1980). His extraordinary life and work are a good reason to feature this artist and his anniversary during Berlin’s new music festival UltraSchall. At the same time, the labor für musik:theater berlin is also paying tribute to the 40th anniversary of the first performance of this work that can be considered one of the most radical examples of contemporary music works.

die schachtel was created in 1962/63 in collaboration with the scenic designer Franco Nonnis and is not only Evangelisti’s statement on the artistic and political situation of his time, but also his only piece for music theatre being at the same time one of his last compositions before giving up his artistic career in favour of his scientific studies.

The Environment die schachtel is more than a mere music theatre performance: it links exhibition and film, music and choreography. The spaces of the sophiensæle create an interlocking system: a container, in which musicians, performers, audience, sound and video installations, projections and architecture can communicate.

The labor für musik:theater berlin has created die schachtel as a work in progress: the project residence at TESLA in the Podewils’schen Palais will open its doors to the public in December 2005, giving a first taste of the collaboration of the different participating artists. At the same time, a website and a compound collection will document the progressing work with photographies and texts.