Edgar is a fat ugly fellow, stuffing himself with pickles, wearing a woollen jumper where another Edgar lives, tender and small. In this whacky show, two dancers of Sasha Waltz & Guests dance out a lonely man's world of fantasy and imagination who simply won't go away. It is an enchanting, bizarre stage production graced with acrobatic elements.


: choreography - claudia de serpa soares

                 grayson millwood

: dramaturgy -   jeff wood

: stage design - heike schuppelius

: music -        daniel teige

: light -        mark howett

: costume -      Isabel Robson

: production date - 2008

: weblinks

  1. http://www.enlightning.eu

  2. http://www.sashawaltz.de/

: music (click to listen)

  1. edgar_floating_excuse.mp3

  2. edgar_origami_blues.mp3