grenzenlosefreiheit" aims at being a performance, an instrument, a game, all at the same time.  being as simple and instantaneous as a game, the seriousness of playing an instrument gets combined with the amusement of a performance event. "grenzenlosefreiheit" transfers the auditory reality of urban contexts into an artificial surrounding.  movements in time, space and memory are manipulated and reassigned using most recent technologies for realtime interfaces, sound synthesis and spatial projection.  the development of the sonic process is controlled by the audience via three wirelessly connected handheld computers (pda).


: sound installation

: concept -

  gerhard eckel

  maximilian szczepanski

  martin rumori

  eckehard güther

  daniel teige

: programming -

  martin rumori

gerhard eckel

: weblinks




: music (click to listen)

  1. glf-Ubahn Berlin.mp3