the „music space choreography“ kraanerg is a project in an

area between music, film, architecture and dance.

Substructure is the homonymous ballett-composition by the

greek composer and architect Iannis Xenakis.

In the performance, as a «music space choreography», the idea of the choreography grows more out of the perspective of film,architecture and fine arts, then out of dance.The orchestra is faced with a complex panorama video projection, connecting cinematographic and architectural principles. The music acts as an equal opposition of this in time structured and choreographed audiovisual-space-installation. Time in a musical sense, grows to be the space for projection;narrowness transforms into a perspective of wideness, the absent body, transforms into energy, space and light.


: installation / new music

: artistic director, video -

   daniel kötter

: music director - roland kluttig

: stage design - heike schuppelius

: choreography - sasha waltz

: remix, installation - daniel teige

: audio programming - martin rumori

: weblinks

  1. kraanerg webpage